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"The Connect" Networking Event in Nairobi for Energy Professionals takes place Today 13/03

Players in the energy and related sectors will Thursday meet in Nairobi for a discussion and networking forum in a meeting that is expected to bring ideas and potential uses of energy in the region to the fore.

The event put together by Saada Abdallah and Kagume Chiuri will not only target players already in the energy field but also multiple fields such as law, engineering, finance and taxation.

The organizers add that The Connect event which is running with the theme “involve me and I’ll learn” will help people to get to know each another across different fields all with the common interest in understanding energy

“The fastest way to get to know about these other fields is bumping heads with an expert and consulting them on certain issues on a project you might have been eyeing. We, intend to be that link,” says Saada Abdallah.

The organizers say they intend to keep the forum open although other topics have been slated to kick start the discussions including:

  • how is the rapid changes in the energy landscape in East Africa is influencing domestic politics and the economy

  • crude oil prices and their influence to crucial investment decisions

  • opportunities for young professionals in the energy space

  • opportunities renewable energy players must seize

“We intend to keep it in an informal setting, where the speakers will briefly offer remarks on the set topic. From there a brief question and answer session followed by the highlight of the event, where you get to interact over cocktails with the guest speaker and share contacts.”

The event will be held at the Kengeles Restaurant in Lavington starting 5:30pm.

via- OilnewsKenya

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