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Tanzania set to Create an Oil and Gas Professionals Database

Tanzania through its ministry of energy and minerals has called for credentials from oil and gas professionals in a move it says will ensure they are utilized in the relevant fields for the development of the country.

The ministry in the advertisement says the discoveries of natural gas in the deep water and expansion of oil exploration activities has led to a need to develop Oil and Gas Professionals Data Base (OGPDB) to act as a tool for employment opportunities search.

The move it says has resulted from a shortfall in human capital supply largely due to the newness of the subsector in the economy.

This move is on top of the already ongoing Capacity Building Marshal Plan (2012-2020) which entails affording Tanzanians training opportunity for Masters and PhD levels in the Oil and Gas fields.

Among scholarships available under the ongoing Capacity Building Marshal Plan (2012-2020) include the annual BG Group scholarship that offers 10 scholarships each year to Tanzanian graduates to study for Masters of Science degrees for Geoscience and Engineering in UK universities and twenty two students post graduate scholarships in the fields of oil and gas by China in the one of China’s best Oil and Gas Universities – the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Professionals wishing to be added to the government OGPDB database need to submit: PhD, Master’s and Bachelor’s degree Certificates and corresponding academic transcripts, Copies of Form IV and VI National Examination Certificates, detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) with reliable contacts among other documents.


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