April 1, 2016

So on Monday, I huddled with a diplomat in the Qatar capital, Doha.


I wanted to know why, as an East African, I should be losing sleep over events in the Middle East, especially the Islamic State’s rampage, the war in Syria and Yemen, and what some have called the Sunni coalition led by Saudi Arabia against the Iran-anchored Shia coalition.




His view was that the Saudi have been extremely audacious, and equally dangerous, in their play.


To begin with the one we all know, was its move to crush American shale oil production by driving prices down.


With the nuclear talks between regional rival Iran and world powers, Saudi Arabia also wanted to make any e...

February 17, 2016

Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to freeze oil output at near-record levels, the first coordinated move by the world’s two largest producers to counter a slump that has pummeled economies, markets and companies.

While the deal is preliminary and doesn’t include Iran, it’s the first significant cooperation between OPEC and non-OPEC producers in 15 years and Saudi Arabia said it’s open to further action. Oil pared gains after the accord was announced, signaling traders see no immediate end to the global supply glut.


The deal to fix production at January levels, which includes Qatar and Venezuela, is the “beginning of a process” that could require “other ste...

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